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Green Field site.

Mainly working on renovations and extensions for the last few years its been a while since we've broke ground on a green field site but having the luxury of no immediate neighbours to irritate with building noise we have been able to put in the hours to near completion on a project in Russellstown for Architect Ed Walsh and clients Pricilla and Barry.

Sloping site and split level house meant that there was a vast amount of groundworks to get the structure out of the ground.

Setting up and checking angles and measurements with the drone was essential but fun.

Checking angles and squaring things up.

Shuttering for the concrete retaining wall

Steel steel and more steel (Raft foundation)

The timber frame kit was Supplied and erected by MTS in waterford (A great team)

The timber frame kit was wrapped in PIR insulation fully taped and sealed for maximum wind tightness and thermal quallity.

This project boasts some unique features including: Magnetic plaster, Glass entrance ramp, marble terrace, cedral concrete cladding boards and Siberian larch cladding. And includes a Zinc standing seam roof, Air to water heat pump with underfloor heating, Heat recovery ventilation system.

Already we have achieved airtightness values down to 1.9 so all should make for a very energy efficient property.

Just some external works and inside finishings to complete.


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