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Nzeb Consultancy Service

Mark Young Eco Construction is now offering an Nzeb Consultancy Service, drawing on our 20 years experience of building and upgrading homes to be more energy efficient. We created this service in response to the needs of homeowners, self-builders, people purchasing a home, and designers, as they try to navigate the new Nzeb regulations. We are not only passionate about creating homes that meet the Nzeb regulations in terms of energy efficiency, but also ensuring that homeowners have independent and transparent advice, and cost optimal solutions for their project. For example, PV Solar Panels are often included in a design as a means to achieve an Nzeb energy rating. In most cases this is not a cost optimal solution for the client, as the payback period can exceed the lifespan of the panels. A closer inspection of the requirements needed to achieve Nzeb can identify more practical solutions that will result in considerable savings for the client. 


Our Nzeb Consultancy Service has two phases. This allows you to have an initial consultation in phase 1 with no obligation to progress to phase 2. Our Nzeb Consultancy Service is priced transparently, with no hidden additions. 

Nzeb Consultancy Service Phase 1

  • Face to face meeting to discuss your project lasting approximately 2 hours. 

  • At this meeting an initial evaluation of your design, your existing property, or your potential new property is conducted, depending on your needs. 

  • Thermal imaging survey of existing property

  • From this initial consultation we will provide you with a better understanding of the feasibility of your current design, energy saving solutions suitable for your design or property, cost effective solutions based on current industry prices, and an opportunity to have your Nzeb related questions answered. 

  • Cost: €150* (+VAT) refundable if you engage in Phase 2

Nzeb Consultancy Service Phase 2 

  • Nzeb Specification: Based on an evaluation of your project we can propose an Nzeb specification that best suits your property and budget. If your project is already designed and specified, we can review your design and develop an Nzeb specification that details the most cost optimal solution to achieving the Nzeb regulations. If you have no design or specification for your project then we can offer this service, and develop a detailed Nzeb based specification for your project. 

  • Nzeb Costing: We will provide you with a detailed specification and costing of the proposal with up-to-date market prices. This information can be used to obtain and compare prices from building contractors in a transparent way. 

  • Nzeb specifications and costings on digital files for your convenience. 

  • If you are purchasing a property this service will include an overview of the existing Building Energy Rating (BER) and cost-optimal solutions to meet your requirements. 

  • A face to face meeting to review and discuss the proposal, specifications and costing. Advice on the next steps and most appropriate suppliers for your project. 

  • Cost: €1050* (+VAT) 

This is a stand alone consultancy service, and does not preclude you from working with other reputible building contractors. 

*within a 60km radius, outside of this please  

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