The arrival of the new Nzeb regulations, now requires a higher standard of quality to all new build constructions. This has brought along many challenges, leaving many in the industry playing catch-up. For MY Eco Construction Nzeb, passive house, or well performing houses are nothing new to us! We have always put low energy costs and quality build details at the top of the priority list.

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 'We employed Mark to build two extensions to  our property. He was inspirational on the use of technology to help us decide on the best way forward with the design. He suggested many ways in which we could improve our design which we are extremely happy about.'

 ' We were looking for a builder to reroof our cottage. It had been thatched but we wanted to have a slate roof installed.  We were also very anxious that character of the house be maintained.  From the first visit to our home by Mark Young I was convinced that he was the right person for the job.'


 'It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mark and his team. His professional approach to his work and his attention to detail was outstanding.  But the thing that stood out in my mind most was that no matter how much work you put into the design process there will always be changes during the build, which I have to admit I did quiet a bit.'