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Finishing line crossed in Dungarvan

We have spent the last month landscaping the ballyvoyle cove project. Not something we would usually get involved with, but really enjoyed working with our clients to bring a completely finished look to the whole site. There are however further works to complete but this will wait until 2018/19

Outbuilding-Office/Function room.

We started the project late 2016 and finished up in July this year. It was one of few projects that ran over the estimated time frame, this was due to the additional time that we had to wait for the POD windows (5months!!) Besides this the end result was extremely pleasing.

The design grew out of Ken Hennsessy architects from Clonmel and had some challenging design features.

First we had to demolish an existing cottage that Kate Bush (The singers) Mum grew up in, then excavate into the side of a rocky hill.

A blockwork retaining wall was constructed to eventually hold back the bank that would be backfilled against it, This was then tanked and insulated to keep out any water and prevent as much heat loss as possible. It was as close to a passive standard build that we were trying to achieve.

This Involved making the build airtight and as insulated as possible, unlike a passive house we did decided to install a small heating unit that heats the hot water for the kitchenette and shower, this unit can also be used to heat the building via underfloor heating. The winter is coming and this will soon be put to the test.

Other design features included real limestone cladding to the cantilevered sedum grass roof, Welsh slate parapet capping, cedar soffit,granite patio, balau timber deck area, limestone sets pathways.......oh and those god damn Pod windows :)

It was great to see a project like this bring out such enthusiasm, there were lots of complements from the locals and the guys on my team worked flawlessly throughout. Its fantastic to have such an enthusiastic and dedicated workforce so hats off to ye I couldn't do it without you.

2018 Is going to be a busy year... we are well underway on our latest project in Russlestown and have a number of projects booked in for later in the year. Most recent works are up on the website:

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