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Fethard Rd., Clonmel. NZEB 

This project situated on the Fethard Rd., Clonmel was our first Design-Build project (More about this service coming soon). 

Meeting the newly introduced Nzeb regulations this property has a BER energy rating in the mid A2 band and would achieve A1 by using PV solar panels for on-site production of electricity and using thermally modelled ACD's. We decided not to use these extra measures as the cost benefit and payback period did not make sense.

As property energy advisors we were able to design and cost this project to easily meet the new regulations, keeping to our clients budget and maintaining modern architectural features with high quality detailed finishes.

As Eco House Builders we understand how to carry out the correct detailing needed to achieve the standards for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (Nzeb) 

We predict that the energy needed to heat this property to 18 degrees Celsius in all rooms and 21 degrees Celsius in the main living area should cost no more than €120 per year at current electricity rates. A Panasonic Air source heat pump has been installed that will maintain the target room temperatures 24 hours a day for the full heating season.

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